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Why Choose Area Rugs?

Add some pizzazz to your home or commercial space with a unique area rug. There’s no easier way to introduce a new design element or balance your current décor than by layering a bold or neutral-colored area rug on your current floor. Choose from a near-limitless array of sizes, colors, and styles for some easily added style.

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Features and Benefits of Area Rugs

To turn any space into a warmer, more inviting one, simply introduce an area rug. Their presence adds color and personality to any existing floor while protecting it from foot traffic, excess sunlight and impact. They’re gorgeous and are available in a near-limitless selection of patterns, styles and colors.

As a design element, area rugs can perfectly finish a room’s overall décor, balancing the existing furnishings or filling space with colorful or neutral accents. Their presence also helps to fill any space, lending a feeling of balance, coziness and warmth. Area rugs can also improve a room’s acoustics by reducing the ambient noise of echoes, conversations and footsteps.

Even More Advantages of Area Rugs

Easy to Move

Area rugs can be rolled up, stored, and can even move homes with you. If you are renting a home, an area rug is a great way to personalize the space without investing lots of money or making permanent changes to the space.


Area rugs can be subtle or bold, soft and delicate or thick and plush. Rugs come in a myriad of materials such as wool, silk, cotton, natural fibers and many synthetic options. There as so many factors to play around with and have fun with - the style, texture, size, placement, color, pattern and more.

The Right Price

Area rugs come in a range of prices – from expensive for budget friendly. It’s very possible to find the perfect area rug for your space that won’t break the bank!

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning an area rug can be as simple as washing and drying, although some types require more specialized cleaning methods. In general, it is significantly less expensive to clean an area rug than a broadloom carpet.


There is none! What could be easier? Just place it on the floor, unroll and you are done.

Not Permanent

If you are not ready to commit to a permanent look or simply prefer to have the option to frequently swap in different styles when your mood or taste changes, then an area rug is the way to go.

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